PV Panels

Lewis Electrical are experts in the installation of solar panels on commercial, industrial, agricultural, or domestic properties. In addition, there are many other ways to cut your carbon footprint and save money along the way!

Key Green Resource Services

  • Solar panels- Photovoltaic panels on your roof could help to bring your electricity bill down and also get a cash incentive from the Electricity Company for the next 20 years.
  • Led lighting- this can save you up to 90% on conventional lighting.
  • Controlled switching- whether it be a PIR sensor, dusk to dawn sensor or a pneumatic switch all these could help to bring your electricity bill down!
  • Voltage Optimiser- this reduces your incoming electricity from 240 volts down to 220 volts which could give you a saving of up to 18%.
  • For larger properties a full survey can be done along with a report on savings and costing if lighting, controls, etc where changed.