PV Installs

When beginning any solar installation project, we will do a site visit or carry out a desktop survey, which, if you are then happy with you will receive a forecast showing your estimated savings from your current electrical uses and costs compared to what you will save from installing Solar PV to your property.

Your solar PV system is designed and manufactured to generate free electricity – year on year – for 20 years or more.

With the end of the Feed-in Tariff, the feasibility of Solar PV has come to depend upon ensuring a high on-site usage of the electricity it generates.

The ballooning cost of electricity has seen Home owner, investors and landlords returning to solar PV as a reliable, cost-effective and viable investment opportunity.

Batteries & Storage

Falling battery prices, increased electrical tariffs and the greater presence of onsite renewable energy are all pushing storage into the mainstream markets. The ability to store electricity in a cost effective way.

With a guaranteed electricity store, homeowners and businesses are able to maximize their consumption of onsite renewable generation, reducing their dependence on the grid. On top of this, they can utilise a wide range of complementary technologies to save more money and offset more carbon.